We build cold and freezer rooms to the specifications of clients who need climate-controlled rooms that are hygienic, corrosion resistant and maintenance free. 

We are able to use our insulated panels to build fruit ripening rooms, abattoirs, wine cellars, process plants, dairy storage rooms, and walk-in chiller and freezer rooms. Our cold and freezer rooms comply with standards including those of the Hazard Analyses Critical Control Point (HACCP).

We supply and deliver to anywhere in South Africa as well as the rest of Africa.

Our cold and freezer rooms are manufactured using our unique tongue and groove Pre Pained Galvanised steel insulated panels. The panels are assembled from floor to ceiling, without joints. We use the best quality materials and equipment to manufacture our insulated panels and to construct rooms, thus ensuring longevity and trouble-free maintenance.

Clients can choose from a large variety of finishes including galvanised steel, Pre Pained Galvanised steel and hygienic stainless steel.

The cold room can be secured with sliding or hinged doors with airtight seals, heavy-duty hardware and any necessary safety features. We guarantee that our doors will slide or open effortlessly every time. PVC-stripped curtains and glass doors are also available.

Floors can be made up of standard sandwiched panels reinforced on the upper face with aluminium checker plate or any other suitable finish. Where heavy and continuous wear is anticipated, the in situ floor finish is recommended. This floor consists of a layer of polystyrene insulation laid on a 250-micron hyperplasic vapour barrier covered with a layer of lightly reinforced concrete